Refined Percolation
Offering the Richest Original Flavors

This roprietary patented non-woven fabric material holds coffee grounds perfectly and extracts the coffee’s unique crema. It provides coffee enthusiasts with the purest, most aromatic enjoyment. We provide a wide selection of coffee peripheral products and filters as well as bespoke products


More Eco-friendly Materials
Food/Drink Carry Bag

The carry bag is made of non-toxic, comparatively more eco-friendly than plastic materials. The unique shape and design endow it with a convenient and robust structure and allow it to withstand heavy load, tugging and water.


Always listening to your needs

We understand the need to listen to our clients. In the OEM business and R&D, everything is possible. We welcome you to discuss your ideas with us.


Why Choose Us
Yi Ting

Localized production, In-house R&D, SGS certification and quality assurance

We are headquartered in Taiwan. From raw materials production to the processing process, Yi Ting’s food products are 100% manufactured in Taiwan. They are subject to random tests every year, and each item has passed with flying colors. We have also created the R&D department to constantly improve quality and strive for innovation.

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