Yi Ting's Story

Lee Senior, The Pioneer in Non-woven Industry

Lee Senior was born in the post-war, impoverished era of Taiwan The owner of the company left his hometown at a tender age to pursue a career of his own. Upholding a tenacious and “never say die” attitude, he successfully built the plastic materials empire with his bare hands. Two decades ago, when he realized that plastic materials are encroaching on our environment, he was determined to engage himself in the world of non-woven fabrics, hoping to maintain the sustainable beauty of the ocean for our future generations by replacing plastic materials with non-woven fabric.


Our clients are dispersed throughout Taiwan, Asia and North America. With 2 decades of experience in non-woven fabric processing and manufacturing, we have also established the Innovation and R&D Department in 2015, which was integrated with our Strategic Marketing Department to form the Yi Ting Non-Woven Co., Ltd. The company underwent transformation based on the foundations of our processing business, thereby allowing us to offer more diversified products, enhance product segmentation, and provide our clients with a head start. In the future, besides continuing to develop the Taiwanese market, Yi Ting will also tap into markets in Southeast Asia and Europe in order to propagate MIT products globally.

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A Down to Earth Taiwanese Enterprise with Scrupulous Integrity

All of Yi Ting’s products are manufactured here in Taiwan, and 100% of the raw materials used to produce our food-related products are procured in Taiwan as well. We believe that minimizing transportation distances, localized production and marketing are the most effective approaches to guaranteeing product quality. In addition, Yi Ting’s production line is subject to random testing annually to ensure that every product is guaranteed to offer the highest quality and peace of mind.

Professional R&D

Yi Ting has delved into the field of non-woven fabrics for 20 years, and therefore we are acutely aware of its characteristics and potential. Clients can feel free to communicate their ideas with us so that we can develop the product together through collaboration. We will provide the necessary technology, support and resources to create a mutually beneficial eco-industrial chain with our clients.


New Form of Service Retailing

More customized, no MOQ limitation

Apart from wholesalers and distributors, our customers include small stores, small business owners, and general consumers. Regardless of the order quantity, Yi Ting will strive to cater to everyone’s demands; simply inform us on the type of products you require and their applications, and we will be committed to serving your every need.


Production Line Introduction

Yi Ting currently operates the main plant and secondary plant in Gueishan Industrial Park, Taoyuan. The main plant produces masks and food packaging materials, while the secondary plant produces carry bag products. Each product is manufactured in a different section to ensure its absolute quality.