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Degradable Vine/Stem Ties

In agricultural applications, branch hand tying machines are used to tie up vines into bundles. Similar to a stapler, the branch hand tying machine uses specialized staples and straps for such application. Most straps currently available in the market are made from PVC materials. Some farmers tend to trim and burn their vines after harvesting; during the burning process, the PVC straps will be incinerated as well, emitting toxic substances into the atmosphere. For farmers who do not burn their vines, the PVC straps do not decompose in nature, and over time their arbors will be covered in PVC straps that not only affect the aesthetics of the fields but also create a permanent impact on the environment because they are not biodegradable. Consequently, with over 4 decades of expertise in plastic material production, the company has developed the PVC-free, biodegradable strap, hoping to make a small contribution towards protecting the Earth’s environment.


The strap is able to conveniently bind the vines or leaves of the crops and flowers to the arbor or support frame, thereby saving time in tying them up manually.

The non-PVC material does not produce harmful substances when burnt, and the white powder residue after burning helps to minimize air and environmental pollution.

The product is fully biodegradable. Depending on the sunlight, rain, climate and temperature conditions, it will begin to decompose within about 6 to 12 months (for outdoor cultivation). The straps will take longer to decompose in a greenhouse cultivation environment.

Traditional PVC materials tend to soften in high temperatures, making them difficult to sever and the blade is often damaged. The biodegradable strap contains calcium carbonate and is therefore resistant to heat, making it easy to cut off and preserve the sharpness of your blade.

Each strap roll is approximately 50 m long, twice the length of traditional PVS straps (typically 23.5 to 25 m long per roll). One roll of the new strap is equivalent to 2 rolls of the traditional straps, saving farmers significant time in replacing the rolls.

Currently, the most common application is in the cultivation of vine produce that requires binding, such as grapes, balsam pears, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers and flowers.

Width: 1.1cm; Length: 50M; 20 rolls a bag, 24 bags a carton.

Stem Tie Stapler

SPEC:one piece in a box; 20 boxes in a carton

Stem Tie Staple

SPEC:10000 pieces in a gift box; 10 gift boxes in a carton; 10 boxes in a carton

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