Food/Drink Carry Bag

Net Bag

1-cup, 2-cup, Bento box

Due to the square shape, it is easy to store.

It is waterproof.

There are four holes on each side of the square which you can insert straws, spoons, forks if needed.


Carrying capacity is up to 3kgs!


Presently in Taiwan, the use of plastic bag is forbidden. The four major convenience stores offer this net bag for free for consumers to carry hot food and drink, to replace normal plastic bag.

It is designed to carry either hot or cold food and drink in container.

Disintegrating easily is a characteristic of PP (Polypropylene). This product is made from 100% PP, therefore, it will breakdown into small particles easily, and it is friendlier to the environment.

It is 100% recyclable.

In Taiwan, burning is one of the ways to eliminate trash. And it doesn’t create any toxic gas when the net bag is burned.



Food/Drink Carry Bag

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