Our private brand

You can browse all of Yi Ting’s proprietary brands here. Consumers are welcome to click on the products they are interested in, and we will provide you with the ordering hotline and LINE official ID. For distributors or stores, we understand that a good product takes some time to establish its reputation in the market. Therefore, we can provide small quantity distribution at the most affordable factory prices in conjunction with corporate marketing resources in order to maximize profits for our clients.


Coffee Series

Yi Ting’s exclusive filtration material is able to hold fine powders so that no fine residues or sludge is left behind while brewing, in turn liberating the complete, original flavor of the ingredients in the filter bag. Food-grade non-woven fabric is suitable for brewing with hot water or soaking with cold water.


Tea Series

Rapid percolation of the ingredients quickly releases their original flavor. The reinforced durability of the fabric allows for prolonged braising, cooking, simmering, and stewing without tearing. Suitable for packaging a variety of teas, spices, stew ingredients, medicinal herbs, and fertilizer.

Golden Turtle

Eco-ag Supplies

Most straps currently available in the market are made from PVC materials. We have developed the PVC-free, biodegradable strap, hoping to make a small contribution towards protection the Earth's environment.

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