Pure.F Tea Series

Open Brew Bag

The soup bag is made from thicker non-woven fabric to keep the bag intact even after prolonged stewing or braising.

If you need to stew or braise greasy food such as braised pork ribs, the large quantity of fat can cause the seal to loosen and separate. Please contact us by phone or leave a message at the bottom of the website should you require such products, and we will provide you with a solution.


The bag comes with a string for maximum convenience, so that you do not have to worry about the medicinal herbs and food ingredients scattering all over the interior of your pot, leaving a tough mess to clean up.


Temperature range: 0℃~100℃

Does not contain heavy metals, fluorescent agents and wet-strength additives.

Commercial packaging specifications are available. Please click on the following pictures for additional information.


Tea Series

The brand philosophy of the Pure.F collection is extracting the most original flavors of the ingredients while filtering out impurities and leaving the most aromatic essence.

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