Pure.F Tea Series

Fold-over Thermos Tea Bag
Fold-over Tea Bag for Teapot and Larger Mug
Fold-over Stew and Steep Bag

Fold-over tea/stew and steep bag

Three-dimensional folding design offers easy filling of the pouch to effectively centralize the food ingredients and prevent them from escaping the pouch, making cleaning a fuss-free experience.

Can be soaked in hot water, with applications such as brewing different types of teas or stewing and cooking with spices, stew ingredients, and Chinese medicinal herbs.

The non-woven fabric has been reinforced by sealing both sides of the filter bag under the most appropriate temperature, making it soft, tough, and resistant to cooking. The bag will not tear or break, causing leakage of the ingredients and creating a mess that is difficult to clean up.


There is no need to use any utensils to fill the pouch with your favorite tea or stew ingredients. Enjoying a cup of hot tea, cold brewed tea or delicious soup has never been simpler!


Temperature range: 0℃~100℃

Does not contain heavy metals, fluorescent agents and wet-strength additives.


    For Thermos:Approx. 10 x 4.5 cm; 200 pieces a box

    For teapot:Approx. 10 x 7 cm; 100 pieces a box

    For stewing:Approx. 12 x 10 cm; 100 pieces a box

Commercial packaging specifications are available. Please click on the following pictures for additional information.


Tea Series

The brand philosophy of the Pure.F collection is extracting the most original flavors of the ingredients while filtering out impurities and leaving the most aromatic essence.

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