Pure.F Coffee Series

Drip Hanger Coffee

Custom made hanger with unique sealing design is strong enough to hold ground coffee up to 1.5 portions. The bag is heat-resistant up to 100 degrees and will not break under boiling water.

Hanger length suits most coffee mugs. Hanger can be replaced by two chopsticks if needed.

Perforated for easy tearing.


Designed for those who crave a cup of hand dripped coffee outdoors or when traveling in a foreign country! The filter holder and filter bags are highly portable. There are more detailed instructions below.


Does not contain heavy metals, fluorescent agents and wet-strength additives.

The hanger is also heat-resistant up to 100 degrees.

The coffee bag is approximately 90mm x 70mm; 100 piece in a box, plus 4 PP hangers or a chic medal hanger which is launching in July, 2019.


Coffee Series

The brand philosophy of the Pure.F collection is extracting the most original flavors of the ingredients while filtering out impurities and leaving the most aromatic essence.

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